Siddha Kunjika Strotra सिद्धकुञ्जिकास्तोत्रम्


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On 5/23/2009 9:03:17 AM Siddha Kunjika Strotra सिद्धकुञ्जिकास्तोत्रम्.
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  • swastik banerjee - nirschoi kono bangali boleche
  • Anurag Gautam - powerful
  • RAJESHVYAS - thanks
  • kotugirl - @vinodrecreator Upload or recommend better for all to benefit. Thanks
  • ashish kedia - this sotra is best for all durga devote thanks
  • vinodrecreator - @vinodrecreator It would take some time, but for sure I will let you know. (Perfect pronunciation is must for such Tantric / Atharva mathra, apart from the pronunciation everything is good in this Video, so let me get the same video with different audio file)
  • durgadevotee - Jai Mata Di
  • ujjwal narayan - thanks maaa....
  • Meghsingh Nokha - thanks but has not perfect pronunciation
  • bhanu pant - wrong pronunciation..:((
  • vinodrecreator - Pronunciation is bad :(
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  • mediator50 - amazing mantra with devnagri pronunciation, thanks for uploading
  • The Last Hope - @mrg69191 Does not matter.. Alaways appriciate the work of others.
  • robinchander - jai mata ji di...
  • mahadeo persaud - Who made all these special rules about pronunciations? East Indian Men, of course. And ignorant people follow them, thing that they are right. I do not think God intends it that way - different ways to chant similar words depending upon where you find these words - ridiculous!!! Every language has just one correct way to pronounce its words. Why must Sanskrit be different? These so called experts need to retire their egos and stop corrupting the masses.
  • kotugirl - @mrg69191 Please find and upload with better pronunciation :) Thanks.
  • vinodrecreator - @kotugirl Sure, I try to upload as soon as possible.
  • Ghazala Syed - Nina Hagen!!! Bet that's her! Brilliant work whoever did it! Please listen to her on youtube
  • kotugirl - @vinodrecreator Thanks and could you let me know too please?
  • Shravan K Manyam - Divine. Jai Mata Di!
  • Bibasha patel - Jay Mata Di Aap Kimanoskamana purna karay
  • mrg69191 - @KajanLakhan Sir please do not take offense, I simply take my statement back. - I appreciate the person's work no matter what - at least it's an attempt. I'm sure there are people out there who could do lots better but don't actually do it. There was a time when i used to sing this siddha stotra and I have been taught how to do correct pronunciations for ever Vedic mantra, - even I could but I haven't done it so, I sincerely apologize for my previous comments - please forgive me. :D
  • viewer11 - Thank you very much for uploading. This has perfect pronunciation I think... Jai Mata Di...
  • Vibhuti Srimatadas FTC - Shreemaa is chanting this she has a website look her up! :)
  • Ghazala Syed - 1. It would be interesting to know who is reciting the Mantra. 2. The pronunciation is the first thing that strikes the listener and its not neccesarily wrong but different. 3. She sounds like a Hare Krishna european devotee whose first language is not Indian. 4. Have an image of the german Punk star comes to mind. 5. I feel she has put her heart into this powerful recording and I know she is blessed by the mother. Well done! will try to recall her name.
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