REVIEW: Air Arms S510 TC hunting air gun


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Nigel Allen's review of the amazing new multi-shot PCP sidelever that comes with not one, but two air tanks attached for a higher shot count


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On 10/12/2011 10:28:28 PM REVIEW: Air Arms S510 TC hunting air gun.
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  • burak babayiğit - great
  • Игорь Чамкин -
  • fourtyfourmag - just get a real gun gosh
  • Goingsolo Maine - Nice hair
  • FatNutz300 - I know its low budget and all but could you give me your opinion on the chinese b3-1or b3-2 .117 caliber rifle?
  • nc airguner - what kind of group you get in 50 yards?
  • adoptableplum - how much could one expect to pay for this weapon and would it be available in a full length rifle form?
  • steveoplacebo - for £650 it wants to be good to.
  • rowan boertien - can you guys try an review on the crosman phantom 1000? because there are not so much reviews of that gun
  • CITYFORLIFEDAN1991 - haha the airarms safety catch always been crap on these, i had a S410 a few years back and the safety pin actually fell out, i never bought a new one for it, looking for a new rifle now though and im thinking between the prosport and the S510 carbine
  • AirgunTV - @sheyon1000 It's a Simmons 3.5-10 x 50 WTC (Whitetail Classic)
  • BlackTop78 - Beautiful gun but honestly the design is weird to me, you cock it from right side but you have to load the mag from the other side.
  • strud34 - would 1 big tank be better
  • AirgunTV - @CountryPursuitsTV Aye, Malc. Although this one WASN'T shot on my Canon!
  • AirgunTV - @TheSeanmccowliff Could you do a video short on how you fitted that bi-pod Sean?
  • Brandon Bullock - i like that magazine design
  • DEEREMEYER1 - Damn it must suck to be "subject" to a government that doesn't trust its "citizens" with real guns.
  • tkach21 - This video should have WAAAAAAAAAAY more views! Excellent review, thank you!
  • AirgunTV - @studogg99 I guess, but the balance may be different (the TC's is really nice in the shoulder) and, of course, Air Arms haven't got their reputation by being a 'follow-my-leader' gunmaker (well, maybe in the TX200!!!! LOL) - they like to push the boundaries all the time. I wouldn't knock them for that...
  • anhtransport - Hi i am new to air gun. But I am looking for an accurate target rifle that is around $1000-$1500 could you suggest a really good one?
  • mrmactknife - Great video, and a great rifle, I'm a lifelong Weihrauch fan, but Im sold on this gun. That side lever looks a dream to use. I fully agree with Nigel though, I HATE that safety lol Get it off the blade AirArms!!! Again a great video, more like this please.
  • sheyon1000 - What is that scope u have used on this airarms nigel?
  • AirgunTV - @krysks04 I rather like the filling port. It's quick - the 'lock' is most reassuring - and that on-board sintered filter ensures they never leak...
  • ka m - Air Arms S510 TC hunting air gun is verry nice one for hunting.
  • AirgunTV - @Tebanlol Same principle
  • The Definitive Airgun Review - @AirgunTV Oh..... What did you use? Ah OK the penny has just dropped =) ATB Malc
  • AirgunTV - @Skarsnik007 Balance is supreme - the best-handling Air Arms I've ever shot. The forend section is probably too thin to use a standard screw... but, I think, because the cylinders straddle the centre line of the forend, it MIGHT be possible to use one in conjunction with an inlet nut (on the inside). It would need to be accurately drilled, but I reckon it's 'do-able'. I also reckon it's not worth doing! A) the rifle's light enough to do away with sling and B) it'd ruin the perfect hand position
  • WHO9119 - No I'm in the US, I was wondering how rifles are transported in the UK knowing the stringent gun laws there.
  • AirgunTV - @tkach21 Thanks. (It's only been on a day... so, hopefully, it will get more views in due course!!!) Nige
  • AirgunTV - @adoptableplum Yep - they're available in 'Rifle' (full length) format. Price in UK is 854GBP
  • Pajama Prepper - Who, you're in CT also? I hate this state haha. I would be surprised if the UK had formal shooting ranges but you never know. When I was in FL, there was a guy from Ireland who was on vacation with his family at Disney. He said he comes to that range and rents a few pistols to shoot while his wife and kids are shopping. The UK may have banned fun but this guy sure knew how to shoot and have fun doing something which is otherwise illegal for him. (possess/handle an "assault weapon")
  • DEEREMEYER1 - Apparently those pellets are hitting the paper sideways judging by the groups.
  • Teban101 - Ok really nice review and rifle Im thinking to get one for myself. This system of venting the air out of the barrel would be the same as the EdGun with the Matador supposed to have ?
  • lewis4642011 - Very nice Airgun, way out of my price range but never the less a beautiful piece of kit.
  • Harley Curran - worst safty on any gun
  • NigelCartoon - the double tank looks kinda silly... think I'll stick to my s400
  • AirgunTV - @JBAlitalia Thank you. And I'm guessing you have also not got hold of a copy of my new magazine (Airgun Shooter) - which has won awards from the British Media industry, and a huge following based on its fresh new approach to airgun journalism. You should; I've a feeling you might be pleasantly surprised. ;)
  • wadyati1 - can this kill zombies
  • CITYFORLIFEDAN1991 - oh well if im going some where i usually put it in the car, you can walk around with them in cases but it has to be unloaded and you need a good excuse when police stop you to see what the crack is
  • Wulfie1987 - I own one of these air rifles and I agree with this review. It's really accurate and I can hit a 10mm spinner at 45 yards with mine. It gets a lot of attention when I'm at the range. I have two videos of mine on here. I have fitted a bi-pod to mine so it is possible. Please feel free to check out my videos, as I was the first person to have a video of one on YouTube. Also mine does not make that noise when fired.
  • AirgunTV - @Zinaroon Thanks Si - you know me. Credit where it's due... but poor points DO need to be brought to the viewers' attention
  • AirgunTV - @Gusman9mm Thank you.
  • terenceanthony1 - I have a 1.77 Airarms ProSport FAC, and am at my wits end with it. Every time I shoot any birds feathers fly but so does my quarry. Any ideas, I have cheeked my zero and its spot on ? terenceanthony1 1 second ago
  • joel butcher - @terenceanthony1 alright mate , what pellet are you using ? in a .177 air rifle ( especially fac ) you want to be using the heavier pellet ... 10 grams is what i'd use for .177 and shot placement is everything , you hVe to be a little more precise with a .177 than a .22 . you want to be aiming either for the head or the upper chest of the bird just below the neck, hope this helps you:)
  • Demonic Dukky - seems to me like the hammer doesnt have enough oompf behind it...i had the same problem with my Weihrauch HW100, that is until i sent it back to Hull Cartridge to get it serviced
  • adoptableplum - @AirgunTV thank you i think i shall be buying one once i find out where to buy one lol
  • Airgun Expert & Critic - Rick Eutsler / AirgunWeb - Nigel, I had the chance to meet the AA folks at the 2012 shot show in Vegas. They do build great guns. Even though we can get the FAC versions here without any issues, I'd prefer the 12 ft-lb model of this gun for my shooting. More shots, consistent power, and amazing accuracy. Yep, sounds like the perfect airgun. Cheers Rick Eutsler Airgunweb
  • Jon Morris - Super-H-Point stands for Super Hollow Point. It might just be me but the two bottles look like balls hanging down.
  • AirgunTV - @JBAlitalia Then clearly you haven't watched this video! There's a few things I don't like about the rifle... and I'm more than inclined to go on record and say so! But, of course, you're entitled to your own opinions...
  • carper851 - is it power ful
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